February 27, 2024

Live-Out Nannies- Benefits, Hours Of Working, And Salary

Live-Out Nannies- Benefits, Hours Of Working, And Salary


A live out nanny in Dubai can be an ideal choice if you’re looking for a nanny for your children. While some have formal qualifications, others have years of experience or both. The personality of a nanny is just as important as her qualifications. Nannies should have a current DBS certificate and pediatric first aid certificate. They should also be flexible and willing to help out around the home.

Benefits of having a live-out nanny on site:

A live-out nanny on-site can be beneficial for several reasons. Unlike live-in nannies, who are confined to the home of their employers, live-out nannies can come and go as they please. Moreover, they do not face the emotional burdens that a live-in nanny faces, such as homesickness or the lack of friends in a strange location. As a result, live-out nannies can provide emotional security to children.

Live-out nannies have their own living space and may even have a family. They may have other family responsibilities and work at other locations. Sometimes, they may need to stay late at work. They may not always have the time to come and go to their home, so they must be flexible with their work schedule. A live-out nanny is also more affordable than a live-in nanny.

Hours of a live-out nanny:

Live-out nannies work with families seven days a week. They work from 1 pm to 7 pm Monday through Thursday and are not assigned to a particular home. These nannies have similar duties as live-in nannies. They should be compensated appropriately for the extra time. Usually, the ideal hours for live-out nannies are between 1 pm and 7 pm, Monday through Thursday.

Live-out nannies’ duties vary with the ages of the children. Some arrive early to prepare breakfast for the children and pick them up from school. Others like to be involved in bath time. However, it is important to make your expectations clear before hiring a live-out nanny. Ensure the nanny is provided with food and water, and she can prepare and serve meals.

Salary of a live-out nanny:

The salary for live-out nannies varies depending on experience, education, and location. Some earn up to DH 62,000, while others earn as low as DH 38,000. Among the various types of nanny jobs, live-in nannies are likelier to earn higher salaries than other types. In addition to providing childcare, they may also be responsible for light housekeeping tasks and even overnight care.