February 27, 2024

Top 4 Traits Of Best Tailor

Top 4 Traits Of Best Tailor


A good tailor should notice details. The best ones will notice things like how a jacket fits, the fabric drapes and the number of wrinkles on the back. A good tailor can recommend additional alterations based on their observations. Those who are more impressed should make more requests for alterations. Before you hire the best tailor in Dubai, be sure to identify the following traits.

Positive attitude:

A positive attitude is one of the most important traits for a tailor. A person with a positive attitude will be able to solve problems before the customers realize they are having problems. They should also have good communication skills. A person who can listen to the customer can write down important facts without making assumptions. An individual with good communication skills is also able to solve problems quickly.


When selecting a tailor, you must find someone with whom you can establish a relationship. A good tailor should be open and honest, and they should be willing to accommodate your requests. If a tailor is pushy or uncooperative, you will likely have a poor experience.

The tailor’s personality type is likely to be realistic and artistic. They like to create something beautiful and work well in a creative environment. They also tend to score highly on extraversion, which indicates that they rely on external stimuli to get what they want.


Tech-savvy tailors have a keen eye for style and fit. These experts know how to make clothing look good on the body, but they also have an artistic streak. In addition, tailors score highly on social responsibility, which means that they care about the well-being of others. These traits also mean they are likely to work well in an environment that rewards creativity.


A tailor’s passion for their work is one of the best qualities to look for in a tailor. They should take pride in their work and value their reputation as a professional. A great tailor will strive to please their customers, offer sound advice, and make every effort to meet their clients’ needs. In addition, they should not compromise on their principles to make a sale.