January 28, 2023

5 Car Issues You Can Miss Without A Preventative Maintenance Program

5 Car Issues You Can Miss Without A Preventative Maintenance Program


Many factors can cause your car to break down and require repair. Even if your car is made of sturdy materials, many factors can cause your vehicle to have trouble. In addition to the abovementioned problems, you should keep the battery, cooling system, and Serpentine belts in mind. If you are looking for a Jaguar service, click this link.

Serpentine belts

Serpentine belts can become worn and require repair. A serpentine belt can get grooved and missing chunks of rubber. This will cause your car to make a clicking noise. In addition to the clicking noise, you may notice excessive wear and tear on the belt.

Coolant change

Regular coolant changes ensure that your car’s engine stays at a healthy operating temperature. Please do so to avoid costly auto repairs. A regular coolant change will also alert you to possible problems.

Follow internal car cues if you need clarification when it’s time to get a coolant flush. You’ll want to check the coolant level and any signs of rust or leaks. Your mechanic can also check the coolant level for you.


Batteries in cars can be problematic if they are exposed to extreme temperatures. Such temperatures can cause lead sulfate crystals to build up and reduce the battery’s life. This can make the battery take longer or have short battery life after a charge. In addition, extreme temperatures can cause battery failure if a car is driven for a short distance.

Oil change

An oil change is one of your car’s engine’s most important service procedures. As time goes by, oil begins to break down and will affect your engine’s performance in several ways. Oil becomes denser and harder to pump, causing your car to use more gas and produce less torque. This is not only unhealthy for your car, but it will also reduce its lifespan.

Tire rotation

Tire rotation is an important part of regular maintenance, as it extends the useful life of your tires. It also promotes even tread wear on all four tires. This is because tires on the front and rear axles wear at different rates. If you fail to rotate your tires regularly, they will become worn out sooner than they should.